Salza RIVER, Austria

Váltás magyarra


On the weekends from 4 May - 13 October 2024


Austria, Göstling an der Ybbs


approx. 12-15 km/day


1 or 2 day tour


For beginners and families too


3* hotel with 2-4 bed rooms


2 day Salza Classic: 100 – 115 EUR/person

1 day Salza Classic: 55 – 65 EUR/person

Developments in 2024

Have you ever imagined how uplifting it would be to ride the white foaming waves of the emerald green Salza river and marvel at the beauty of the mountains that surround you? Well, you won’t have much time for that, so take a good look around before you get in, because the adrenaline pulsing in you and the cathartic experience of paddling while maneuvering between the rocks in the grip of the swift water are guaranteed to blow you away.


Dates: our rafting tours are held every weekend during the season on Saturdays and Sundays, on weekdays we can organise tours based on requests for an individual offers if a minimum of 8 people apply.

Why choose us:

More than 15 years of experience on the water

Trained guides with international guiding certification + 2nd place in WWRC water rescue and guiding competition

Multiple boat types: 8-person raft boats, 2-3 person canoes, and 2 or 1 person kayaks

You can save 1 hour with us by having us take you to the starting point in a van (no driving back and forth)

Family atmosphere, we’ll pay attention to you

Comfortable base

Full, fast, professional service

100% satisfaction guarantee, click for details

📣💥 2024 developments

Rafting túra Ausztriában a Salza folyón

Transfer with vans

We would like to give you 1 hour of free time, which you can spend either on the waterfall tour or having a nice lunch! How is this possible? By using our vans to take you up to the starting point from the end point, instead of having to wait 1 hour for us to bring the drivers back – so you can start your tour straight away!


Smoother tours

We’ve listened to your feedback: to avoid waiting, we’ve improved the tours! Since smaller boat units (2-3 person canoes/kayaks) have a different pace than 8-10 person rafts, we will now still go together to the starting point, but on the water the two tours will go separately (we will paddle the same stretch, but the small and big boats will not wait for each other at every rapid).

➜ Tour description

We meet at our base (which can also be your accommodation if you’re staying at our base), where you’ll arrive with your swimsuit on. Here we will distribute your wetsuits and additional gears (top, bottom, shoes, vest, helmet) and once everyone is changed, we will depart for the tour site.


Everyone will travel with us in their own car to the end of our tour, with our van at the head of the convoy. We will leave the cars at the end of the tour (so that when the tour is over, your car will be waiting for you there) and our vans will take you to the start of the tour. This little tricks will save you over 1 hour – no need to wait for the drivers to be transferred, and no need to go back to the base if you want to explore the area after the tour. 😉


At the starting point of the tour, we’ll give you a safety and paddling lesson on the shore, take a dip in the cooling waters of the Salza and then the tour can begin! On our Classic tours you can expect 2-2,5 hours of paddling, crossing rapids, dodging rocks and jumping from several metres – if you dare. 😉 Halfway through the tour, we’ll take a longer break and provide refreshments such as soft drinks and chocolate. On Saturday, we paddle a slightly lighter, more pedestrian section, and on Sunday we paddle another, more technical section of the river to complete the Salza experience on our 2 day tours.

The section we paddle may vary depending on the water levels.


At the end of our tour, we will take our boats to the car park, where you will find your own car waiting for you – for the rest of the day there are many more activities in the area, click here for details!

➜ Tour types

Salza Classic tour


Enjoy the beauty of the landscape and paddle for an adventurous 2,5-3 hours/day! You can come on a 1-day or 2-day tour, the latter with two different sections – on the second day we raise the stakes on a more technical part of the Salza. 😉

Salza VIP tour


If you want to maximise the amount of paddling and adventure you can squeeze into 1 or 2 days in a comfortable small group, this tour type is for you. 😉 On our VIP tours you can take a longer tour with a dedicated guide: depending on the fitness/needs of the group, you can paddle for 3,5-4 hours a day, exploring every corner and rapids of the Salza from the race course to the jumping rock to the rugged canyon.

On this tour we offer small group paddling (minimum 8, maximum 15 people) on weekdays.


We recommend choosing the VIP tour if: 

you want to see every part of the river that you can fit into 2 days,
you feel the strength to tackle longer distances,
you want to paddle separately, with your own little group,
or just prefer a smaller, more advanced group, whether due to COVID or other reasons.

➜ Boat types

8-10 person large raft boat


In the case of large raft boats, each raft boat has a certified guide who is in charge of the boat. The guide gives instructions that you just have to follow and enjoy the trip. We recommend it for those who have never tried rafting, or swimming are not amongst their strenghts and want to get through the adventure without tipping over.

It’s for you if: 

You like paddling in a team,

You want to try white water rafting and admire the scenery from the boat rather than the water.

We don’t recommend it if: 

You can’t swim at all.

2-3 person whitewater canoe


In this type of boat, you can learn what it’s like to work in pairs, to depend on each other. Progress requires co-ordinated paddling and steering, otherwise the river will dictate the path, which is sometimes paved with rocks. In the boat, you sit in a semi-kneeling position on the wooden seat, and as a result you can see much more of the wild mountain scenery. You can try it as a complete beginner, we’ll teach you everything!

It’s for you if: 

You want more excitement,

You want to learn to steer the boat,

You’re more adventurous – you’re the kind of person who’s not afraid to take a dip.

We don’t recommend it if: 

You are a weak swimmer,

You are afraid of tipping over.

2 person whitewater kayak


Paddling these inflatable kayaks is a great experience. In addition to riding waves and rapids, these kayaks make it even easier to slalom between the rocks. With kayaks, you paddle with both sides of the paddle, which allows for easier control, so that you can even navigate these smaller, manoeuvrable boats on your own. It’s easy to learn to steer, and the kayak is more manoeuvrable, which makes it a much more enjoyable experience. You are seated in the kayak, so your centre of gravity is lower, which also makes the boat more stable. You can try it as a complete beginner, we’ll teach you everything!

It’s for you if: 

You’re eager for adventure but lack experience,

You want to learn to steer the boat quickly, “no time for headaches” ;),

You’d rather sit on the bottom of the boat than kneeling in the canoe.

We don’t recommend it if: 

You are a weak swimmer,

You are afraid of tipping over.

1 person whitewater kayak (inflatable)


If you’ve tried everything and want to do it alone, the single-person kayak is for you! Here you can really do whatever you want. Thanks to its short length, our new Duckie kayak is extremely manoeuvrable, easy to navigate and you can speed it up in no time, so the experience is great. The small size of the boat means that it’s much more likely to be tossed up and down by the waves, yet its width means it retains its stability and is relatively difficult to capsize.

It’s for you if: 

You want a real rodeo!

You want to feel the wildness of the river, even the smallest waves,

You like to be in control and have the freedom of movement,

It’s not the first time you’ve been in a kayak, and you’ve experienced swimming in whitwater before.

We don’t recommend it if: 

You are a weak swimmer,

You are afraid of tipping over,

You’d prefer stability.

➜ Good to know

Date: the tours start every weekend from April to October, from the town of Göstling and der Ybbs. On request also on weekdays, with a minimum of 8 participants.


Participation requirements: swimming knowledge, extreme sports insurance. Children from the age of 10 can participate in the tour in a large raft boat for 8-10 people.


Difficulty: you can join the tour as a beginner, no previous training is necessary – we will tell and show you everything you need to know about paddling before you get on the water. We paddle about 12-15 km a day.


Start time: the morning tour starts at 8:30, the afternoon tour starts at 13:00 with a meeting at our base. After registration/reservation, we will be able to schedule you for a morning or afternoon tour depending on the current number of participants. For a 1-day tour, participation is generally expected in the afternoon; for a 2-day tour, participation is expected in the morning, subject to availability.


Meals: breakfast is provided for guests staying at the accomodation at our base and half board with dinner is available on request. Lunch is on an individual basis – there are several restaurants in the area where you can have a good meal.


Weather: the tour can be held in any type of the weather, we’ll get wet either way, rain just adds an extra adventure factor to the tour. In case of extreme weather conditions, if it is not possible to hold the tour safely, another date can be chosen.


Insurance: extreme sports insurance is a must to participate on the tour.

➜ Accommodation

FunRafting bázis hotel Ausztriában

The three-star accomodation in Göstling an der Ybbs is located in a postcard-perfect, tranquil setting among the stunning mountains of the Ybbstal Alps, right on the banks of a stream.

The accomodation offers rooms with 1-2-3-4 beds, each room has a private bathroom.

Breakfast buffet is included in the price. Half-board is also available if you want to end the day with a dinner menu from the on-site restaurant, and you can also enjoy a cocktail in the bar.

The accomodation is surrounded by hiking and cycling trails in all directions, and there are plenty of relaxing activities in the area, from swimming to water parks.

The price of accommodation includes the Wilde Wunder Card, which gives you free access to a range of additional activities click for details.

Adult (€/person/night) Children (€/person/night)*
Period Buffet breakf. Half-board Buffet breakf. Half-board
0-5 yr 6-11 yr 12-15 yr 0-5 yr 6-11 yr 12-15 yr
01.04. – 30.06. 48 64 0 25,5 34 0 34 46
01.07. – 15.09. 54 70 0 27,5 38 0 37 49,5
16.09. – 20.10. 50 66 0 26,5 35 0 35 47
From age 15 + 2,5 €/person/night tourist tax

* Children’s price is only valid with 2 paying parents

Half-board: buffet breakfast + menu dinner

1 night surcharge: + 7 €/person

Single bed room surcharge: + 17 €/night

➜ Meet-up, getting there

Austria, Göstling an der Ybbs – FunRafting base

Address: Steinbachmauer 5, 3345 Steinbachmauer, Austria (click, Google Maps)
Meeting: on the day of the tour at 8:30 / 13:00. If you stay at our base, we recommend arriving the day before, but you can arrive even earlier.

By public transport
To plan your journey, we recommend the official ÖBB route planner – click to open. Please note that it is not possible to get to and from the rafting tour by public transport – you can get into our team’s van if there is space available, or you may want to rent a car in the area.


By car
Travelling is done individually.


With our team
If you contact us in time, you can travel with us from Budapest, depending on the availability of seats in our van, departing (usually) on Friday evening and arriving on Sunday evening, for 50 EUR/person.

➜ Prices

2 day Salza Classic

Large boat (8-10 person raft)

2,5-3 hours of paddling/day

Every weekend

100 EUR


80 EUR

10-13 years/person

2 day Salza Classic

Small boat (whitewater canoe/kayak)

2,5-3 hours of paddling/day

Every weekend

115 EUR


1 day Salza Classic

Large boat (8-10 person raft)

2,5-3 hours of paddling

Every weekend

57 EUR


45 EUR

10-13 years/person

1 day Salza Classic

Small boat (whitewater canoe/kayak)

2,5-3 hours of paddling

Every weekend

65 EUR


1-2 day Salza VIP

3,5-4 hours of paddling

Weekdays, on individual request

Get in touch

The price includes: 

Full equipment (neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, neoprene jacket, helmet, life jacket, paddles)

Safety and paddling training

Qualified and experienced guides

Refreshments during the tour

Photos of the tour

A transfer between the start and end of the tour

The organisation fee

Not included in the price: 

Extreme sports insurance

Accommodation – see “Accommodation”

Travelling – see “Meet-up, getting there”

Meals – see “Things to know”, “Accommodation”

The riverside parking ticket – 8 EUR/car/day

Conditions of participation, booking, payment

Conditions of participation: 

swimming knowledge

extreme sports insurance

minimum age of 10 years

Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If the participant is between 14 and 18 years of age, we can organise the tour with parental consent.

Signing the participation form on site before the tour is also a declaration of swimming ability and physical fitness.

The participant acknowledges that he/she may be involved in an accident on our tours and that he/she participates at his/her own risk.

The participant is obliged to inform the guide of any medication, the consumption of substances affecting performance and concentration, or any illness that may temporarily reduce the state of consciousness or physical ability.

The guide has the right to exclude from the tour, for the entire duration of the tour, any person who, by disregarding the instructions given, endangers his/her own safety or that of others, endangers the equipment or does not comply with the guide’s instructions in this respect.

Validity of bookings:

In the case of online registration for both individual participants and small groups, a deposit of 30 EUR/person and the completion of the participation form sent after payment will make the tour considered to be booked. The remaining amount is due on the spot.

In the case of a request for an offer, the tour is booked for both individual participants and groups upon payment of the deposit of 30 EUR/person and completion of the participation form sent at the time of the offer. The deposit must be paid within 1 week of the date of the offer. The remaining amount is due on the spot.


If the tour is cancelled due to the fault of our company, the paid participation fee will be refunded by our company.

Cancellation policy (by the guest): 

In the event of cancellation, the canceller will be liable to pay a forfeit to cover the costs incurred, which is a flat rate expressed as a percentage of the total participation fee, as follows:

between the 60th and 31st day before the date of the tour, 20% of the participation fee

70% of the participation fee between the 30th and the 16th day

90% of the participation fee between the 15th and the 8th day

100% of the participation fee within 7 days, but the reserved place may be transferred to a third party, provided that the third party meets the conditions of participation in the tour.

In the case of rebooking to another date, if the rebooker or our company can find participants for the vacant places, the full amount paid may be transferred to the other date, but if there are no other applicants for the vacant places, the rebooking will be considered as a cancellation, subject to the above conditions.

It is strongly recommended that you take out travel cancellation insurance with an insurer to cover the costs incurred in the event of illness or accident. 


For the safety of participants, we reserve the right to change the tour plan.

We reserve the right to cancel a tour or programme for reasons beyond our control (e.g. extreme weather conditions or unforeseeable natural phenomena, technical difficulties). In this case, an alternative date may be chosen or the participation fee paid will be refunded.

➜ Additional activities

The Salza Valley offers many extra activities from extreme to hiking to relaxing (not to mention sightseeing) that can be added to a rafting weekend, maximising the experience – you can most of them on this page (click)!


Most of the extra activities are available for individual participation and do not require advance booking. The extreme extra activities such as canyoning, via ferrata and paragliding are organised by our team and must be booked in advance with us – these activities can be booked on any weekend, subject to a minimum number of participants.

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